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Thank you for supporting our programs and specific projects. 


RTM Programs

Support the sustainable operation of RTM programs which involves compensating our teachers, providing teacher training, offering hot meals, facilitating parent support programs, and procuring education materials.  


Donate a Gift

Throughout the year, we distribute various essentials as "gifts". These items are vital in supporting our children and their families. View this project to see some of the planned gifts. 


Food Relief

Join us in giving food relief to families. A monthly provision of some food items goes a long way for these families when they are lucky to eat once a day. Your support will directly fund the provision of nutritious food to our families. 

Kanazi Land.jpg

Kanazi Learning Center

Join us in developing the future of RTM Programs. RTM's vision is to build a multi-purpose special education learning centre and parent support facility. Contact us about this major project. 

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