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Kanazi Learning Center

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RTM has selected the town of Kanazi in Bugesera District as its primary mission field and the future home of its Rwanda headquarter.  It is RTM's vision to build a multi-purpose center here that will serve children with disabilities and their families across Rwanda for years to come. 

How will the learning center be used?

  1. RTM's headquarter in Rwanda

  2. Special education learning center - Safe and fun learning space for children in Bugesera District and serving as a model center for expansion into other areas of Rwanda in the future 

  3. Research and development center - Infrastructure for developing a holistic support model suitable for rural areas of Rwanda

  4. Teacher training center - A place to bring in teachers from all over Rwanda to train them on special education and RTM's support model 

  5. Parent training/support facilities - Meeting rooms, farming area, vocational training facility, etc. 

  6. Safe-house for children/parents - A temporary safe haven for children who are left without any caregiver or families who lose their residence

  7. Missionary housing - A guest house for people visiting the center to support the program or for training

Phase 1 - Land Acquisition


Thanks to a donor and hard work by our staff in Rwanda, the phase 1 was completed!  We have purchased close to 5 acres of land at the heart of the town of Kanazi.  It is perfectly located and big enough for us to expand and scale as we desire in the future.

Phase 2 - Construction of Learning Center

We are carefully assessing the needs for the next 3 years to determine the right facilities we need.  Please reach out if you are interested in participating in the planning and funding of this phase! 

If you have any questions, please contact us

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