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Special Education Program

Rise Together Mission Society

What is special education? 

Special education (SPED) is an education that aims at providing a range of education services to help children who have a disability and their families. 

Special Education in Rwanda


In Rwanda, life is highly challenging for children with disabilities.  They experience exclusion and isolation because they are not welcomed by their neighbourhood schools or simply cannot go to school and participate.  The challenge of exclusion is further amplified by severe stigma, poor access to the means of basic needs of living, and the lack of appropriate educational and medical services.  Also, the rural areas of Rwanda lack any education services or trained teachers/caregivers who can adequately respond to special educational needs. 


What is RTM’s approach in special education?

  • Christian value: We teach and care for children so that they can realize the full potential of whom they were created to be.

  • Child right: Every child deserves a chance at life. We believe in the value and dignity of each child as created by God and hope every child thrives, flourishes and reaches their full potential.

  • Early intervention: At RTM, we strive to intervene as early as possible because the intervention is more effective when provided earlier in life rather than later. 


  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP): We proactively work towards the provision of individualized care and education that recognizes the uniqueness of each child.


  • Play-based: RTM strives to maintain a play-based learning environment, fostering individuality, creativity, and diversity where all achievements are valued and celebrated. 

  • Collaboration: To support the development of the whole child, RTM works in close partnerships with parents and the local community, ensuring that inclusivity and accessibility for all families remain central to the program.


  • Free Service: We provide our programs at no cost to families. 


  • Advocacy: We hope to dispel some of the myths surrounding disabilities by showing everyone that people with disabilities are important and contributing members of society and should be viewed as such.​

  • Inclusive Education: Our goal is to support our children to be able to learn in the mainstream education settings with other children as much as possible.  Our program is intended to supplement mainstream education for children with disabilities. 

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