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Partnering in Mission

Engage your church in mission for children with disabilities in Rwanda

Is your church looking for an opportunity to connect with and support mission work that transforms lives through the gospel and love?  Join us in our mission to make a positive and real change in lives and share the message of hope. 

Why Partner with Rise Together Mission? 

JESUS’ CALLING - Throughout the Bible, God clearly commands us to love and care for those who are in desperate need, including those with disabilities.


CONNECT TO MISSION FIELD - Connect your church families to the mission field for opportunities to follow Christ’ footsteps.


UNIQUE CHALLENGE - RTM’s mission in Africa is particularly challenging and complex and is beyond the scope of most non-profit organizations’ work. If you are up for a unique challenge, this opportunity is for you.


DIRECT/CLEAR IMPACT - Empower your church members to make direct and clear impact that will change lives.

How Your Church Can Partner with RTM

Sponsor a Project

Provide direct support to specific initiatives and make tangible impact


Mission Trip

Bring the partnership and support to life by visiting the mission field and sharing your love in person


Fundraise and Share the Mission 

Host fundraisers and donation drives to support RTM's programs and spread the story of the mission



Prayer is the most powerful support our sponsors and partners can provide that will help RTM be victorious in the spiritual battle involved in this work.

For more information on how your church can partner with RTM, contact us at We would love to hear from you!

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