Pray with Us

Rwandan Team

  • Pray for our team in Rwanda as we begin our operation as a registered international NGO. 

  • Pray that God will give the team a loving heart, strength, wisdom, and health to do His will in serving the children and families.

  • Pray that we may be able to hire the right people as we build the team.

Canadian Team

  • Pray that God may fill the team with wisdom, strength, vision, courage, discernment as they set the plan for next year and implement it. 

  • Pray that their research and development will bear fruit as a special education program optimized for African settings.


  • Pray for God's grace to break into the challenging circumstances the children face every day. 

  • Pray for the protection of the children during this pandemic. 

  • Pray for God's miraculous work that may renew the children's body, mind, spirit and community around them. 

Charity Registration

  • Pray that the process of applying for and obtaining a charity status in Canada goes smoothly and timely. 


  • Pray that God will touch their burdened hearts with His love and grace. 

  • Pray for their salvation as they recognize their value as God's beloved children.

  • Pray that they will also recognize and cherish God's plan in their children's lives. 

  • Pray that they will find provision for their family's needs. 


  • Pray for God's provision for RTM as it begins its official operation in Rwanda. 

  • Pray that many people who share our vision and mission will step forward to support RTM's work. 

  • Pray that businesses who share our vision and mission will step forward to support RTM's plan to build its own special education center. 

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