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About RTM

Who We Are

RTM is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization committed to following Jesus' footsteps of loving God and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.   At the core of our mission lies a deep commitment and unwavering faith, driving us to serve some of the most neglected individuals in developing countries - children with disabilities and their families.


Mission & Vision

"To serve children with disabilities and their families in Rwanda

for the renewal of their body, mind, spirit and community"

Holistic Support Program

What We Do

You may be familiar with the African proverb, 'it takes a village to raise a child.' Now, envision the immense challenges involved in supporting a child with a disability within a community where poverty, isolation, and discrimination prevail.

Recognizing that children with disabilities require comprehensive attention and support in every aspect of their lives - including physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social - RTM strives to provide holistic developmental and educational assistance. 

However, facilitating such holistic support necessitates substantial resources, expertise, and infrastructure - resources that are often lacking in the rural areas of Rwanda. This is precisely why RTM is working diligently to develop a tailored holistic support model that accounts for the unique environment in which these children reside."

4 Pillars of Holistic Support Program

Special education

Individualized and customized special education program 

Program Development

Development of special education program and support model

Parent Support

Supporting parents through educational, vocational, spiritual training


Health care,

hygiene training and

nutritional support

On the Foundation of Love of Jesus

Meet The Team


George Ndaruhuye

Rwanda Country Manager


Gaston Uwantumye

Center Operation Coordinator



Jennifer Genevieve

Teacher in Kanazi


Eliezer Mbarushimana

Teacher in Ntunga


Alice Umuhoza

Administrative Assistant


Joelle Park

Co-Founder, Board Member

Director of Child Welfare & Operations


Gabriel Lee


President, Board Member


Joanne Yu


Director of Education

Meet the Team

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