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Throughout the year, we distribute various essentials as "gifts." These items are vital for supporting the children and their families in their daily living so that they can achieve the renewal of their body, mind, spirit and community.  


Umbrella and Rainboots

In Rwanda, heavy rainfall sometimes poses challenges for our children attending school. As many of them have to walk a long distance to come to our program, heavy rain and the muddy road can sometimes make it impossible for them to attend the program. Through the "December-to-Remember" project, donors generously provided umbrellas and rain boots during Christmas! 

Water Filter System

According to UNICEF, only 57 per cent of the population can access safe ("relatively speaking") drinking water within 30 minutes of their home. Many children are kept out of school and tasked to carry water container for over 30 minutes every day.  In May 2024, a team from Vancouver Manna Church will be bringing a water filter designed to be used in environments in which our families live to give every family in our program a way to drink completely clean and safe water everyday - a very fitting gift when the theme of their mission trip is "Overflowing Living Water!" 


Upcoming Ideas

Look for future announcements!

  • Backpack for children

  • Cooking oil for moms

  • Mattress / blanket

  • Dental care set

  • Soap

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