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Food Relief

Funding required: ~$20 CAD per family per month

2024 Total Target funding: $8,400 CAD 

How this funding will help:


Poverty is widespread in rural areas, but many families in our program are even more prone to it. Because children with disabilities usually need full-time care and attention, many parents' ability to go out and make a living is significantly impacted.  Many moms are raising their children by themselves because they were abandoned by the family/father after giving birth to a child with a disability. These single moms are often faced with the dilemma between staying home (and not being able to make money) or locking up their children in a room to go out to work (if there is work).

These families depend on daily provisions to fill their stomachs.  In addition to the meals that RTM provides to children who attend classes, a monthly provision of some food items goes a long way for these families when they are lucky to eat two meals a day.

Your support will directly fund the provision of food items such as soybeans, maize, flour, or rice. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to chat!

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