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Support RTM Programs

How your support will help: 

RTM is an early-stage non-profit organization in the process of establishing its operations in Rwanda and scaling up the impact it brings.  The foundations we are building now will have a lasting impact on bringing our program to more children and families across Rwanda in the future.


All donations will be used for Board-approved RTM programs and general operations where most needed. 

Your support will directly fund the following: 

  • Special education program

    • Hire staff - teachers, cook, support staff

    • Daily hot meals for children attending classes

    • Educational materials

    • Sponsorship for students attending schools (school fees, uniform, scholastic materials)

    • Classroom supplies

    • Special accessibility equipment/supplies such as a wheelchair, disability chairs

    • Transportation

  • Parent support program

    • Parent training events

    • Support for parents in urgent needs (emergencies, desperate financial hardships, etc.)

    • Daily Partner Program - parent participation in classroom 

  • Health support program

    • Annual health checkup at the partner hospital​

    • Medical supplies for the partner hospital

    • Monthly home visits and health monitoring

    • First-aid

    • Medicine costs

    • Emergency medical cost (surgery, hospitalization, referral to specialists, etc.)

    • Nutritional supplements such as multi-vitamins (purchased from Canada)

    • Hygiene items

  • Program development (primarily performed in Canada)

    • Testing, evaluating, purchasing various educational supplies, equipment, materials​

    • Travel cost of Canadian leadership (critical for transfer and successful implementation)

    • Printing/shipping

  • General operations and administrative support

    • Office rent, supplies​

    • Support staff salary

    • Accounting cost in Rwanda

    • Legal/accounting cost in Canada

    • IT costs

    • Communications (phone, internet) in Rwanda

    • Any other operational expenses

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to chat!

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