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Introducing Alice Umuhoza, New Country Manager

Running around and making our projects happen in Rwanda, Alice has been a vital part of Rise Together since 2021 when she joined as a part-time employee. Starting off by assisting with logistics but fulfilling so much more than the role she signed up for, Alice’s journey with us has been nothing short of inspirational.

Her unwavering belief in the power of God’s love to heal our children and their families is truly heartwarming. Witnessing significant changes and miracles among the children with disabilities we support, Alice’s heart was deeply touched by the smiles and laughter they bring to our classrooms.

Her love for teaching shines through as she not only manages our projects but also spends time in the classrooms, where our kids absolutely adore her presence. This genuine connection and passion for our cause led Alice to take on the role of full-time Country Manager as of February 1, 2024, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Her dedication, kindness, and love are truly making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Moreover, having such a dedicated and capable leader in Rwanda makes the job of the Canadian management team so much easier and more effective. Thank you, Alice, for everything you do for Rise Together. Here's to the incredible journey ahead with you leading the way!


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