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  • What if I need to cancel my monthly recurring donations?
    Thank you for having been a valuable member of our ministry. It was because of donors like you that Rise Together Mission Society has been able to do its work of serving children with disabilities and their families in Rwanda. However, we understand there may be circumstances that prevent you from continuing your support and we are here to serve you. First, please find the confirmation email you received when you first signed up for the recurring donation. Its subject line is Your Recurring Donation for Rise Together Mission Society. You will see "Cancel recurring donation" link at the bottom of the email. If you have any trouble, please email, and we will manually cancel the recurring donation.
  • Can I receive a donation receipt to benefit from the charitable donation tax credit?
    Absolutely! Rise Together Mission Society is registered as a charity with Canada Revenue Agency, and we can provide donation receipts for any donations made to our cause. You can use these receipts to benefit from the charitable donation tax credit when filing their annual taxes. When you make a donation to RTM, we will issue a receipt with all the necessary information required by the Canada Revenue Agency for tax purposes. In order to receive a donation receipt, please make sure to provide your full name and address.
  • How much of the money donated actually goes directly into the programs supporting the children and families?
    Great question! RTM is a start-up non-profit organization. We are focused on building the foundations of a scalable support model by working with a smaller number of children and families. Therefore, it is inevitable that our administrative cost to program expenses ratio will be higher than that of a large, established organization. However, we can assure that except for administrative cost necessary to maintain the organization in Canada and in Rwanda and to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in both countries, all money goes into the programs and the program development work. All staff in Canada serve on a voluntary basis so that the donations can be directed to supporting the Rwandan team and operations.
  • Do you have a sponsorship program?
    At this time, we don't feel that a sponsorship is the right program for us because we are focusing on developing a context-appropriate support model/programs suitable for rural communities in Rwanda by working with a small number of children. However, we are considering implementing a sponsorship program in the near future.
  • Is there a way for me to build a more direct relationship with one of the children or parents?
    We are currently trying a pilot program called "Heart-to-Heart" in which we match a parent in Rwanda and a supporter in Canda to become a pen-pal and share their lives, thoughts and prayers with each other. It is one of the pilot programs that we are trying as a part of the holistic support model. If you are interested in participating, please reach out using the form here.
  • Can I donate from outside of Canada?
    Yes. The online donation forms can accept credit cards from other countries. Please note that we are not able to issue any official receipts that you can use to get tax benefits in your country. Additional foreign transaction fees may apply.
  • Where is RTM based?
    Rise Together Mission Society is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and operates in Rwanda as an International Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Is RTM a Christian organization?
    Yes. We are an evengelical Christian ministry that is committed to following the footsteps of Jesus Christ in loving God and our neighbours. Our ministry's mission is based on Christian values and the Gospel.
  • Do children have to be Christian to be in RTM's program?
    Not at all. Our mission is to serve children with disabilities and their families in Jesus' name, period. It is not dependent on their religious beliefs. Parents are always made aware that as a part of the RTM program, their children will receive care and programming on the foundation of Christian faith and values. The staff and volunteers demonstrate God’s love to children and their families and teach Christian values and character. However, a child or family does not need to be Christian to benefit from our programs. We also do not require or coerce them to convert to Christianity to stay in the program because coercion or the practice of proselytization is not how we share God's love.
  • Why did you decide to serve children with disabilities in rural areas of Rwanda?
    Because that is what Jesus would have done. This answer may be different from what you would've expected to hear. These children with disabilities don't even get supports from International NGOs that help millions of children living in poverty. They are truly among the most neglected group of people in this world. The challenges surrounding their circumstances are so complex that it can be very daunting to even think about where to start. But, that is why we at RTM want to serve them. We are not perfect. As a matter of fact, we are small, have limited resources, and are just getting started. However, we are confident that we are called to do this, and to us, that calling is enough.

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